Air Duct Cleaning Service Hollywood

Being placed right in the midst of the Los Angeles area, Hollywood is not exactly known for its clean air, but rather for its widespread air pollution, resulting from industrialism and the exhaust released from the millions of automobiles running daily; however, the common belief is that the outside air is responsible for health issues that are related to poor air quality, when in actuality, it is the lack of receiving consistent air duct cleaning service Hollywood that causes the air inside our homes to contain five to a hundred times more contaminants than the outside air, making it much more harmful. Considering most people spend over half of their average day indoors, they are receiving a good deal of exposure to air that is likely contaminated with bacteria, mold spores, dust mites, animal dander and more.

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Especially in people who suffer from asthma and with allergies, living in conditions with poor air quality will eventually take a toll, as experiencing constant discomfort and more serious health problems will occur, unless counteractive measures are taken that will help to remove the harmful contaminants in your home’s air. When you have decided that your home requires a thorough air duct cleaning, Dr. Air Care can help you remove contaminants that have accumulated in these passageways, which will also help to reduce your power bill, as your ventilation system will be able to function more efficiently. By cleaning out your air ducts and having them sanitized, the quality of air in your home can be increased.

What happens in the medical field in the modern day is that patients will be checked up by their doctors, and in their professional analysis of symptoms, will prescribe a pharmaceutical drug that will help to treat the issue. Considering that the pharmaceutical industry is a trillion dollar industry and that doctors are paid commissions to prescribe certain drugs, the motive to have patients change things in their environment is not often considered. Why should you resort to taking drugs and introduce new chemicals into your body so you can compromise living under poor air conditions, when you could begin removing the harmful contaminants from your environment? With a cleaner, more habitable environment, these related health issues will go away without the use of pharmaceutical drugs.

If you have had problems with rodent infestations in your home and have never had it properly cleaned out and sanitized, your home is probably contaminated with bacteria from rodent waste, and possibly even carcasses of dead rats and mice rotting away. In this type of scenario, your home requires a thorough attic cleaning Hollywood and sanitization, to eliminate harmful contaminants. When your home’s inside air begins to cause you or your family to feel unwell, it is time to call the experts at Dr. Air Care for air duct cleaning service Hollywood today.