I've been leaving in this house for the last 14 years. A month after moving in I started developing some asthma symptoms, I went to see my Doctor and he recommended for me to start using an inhaler, he said to use it when I'm having a hard time breathing. I've been doing this for so long and just when I thought there was no hope for me, one of my friends highly recommended Dr, air care. He said that he had really bad allergies and they were able to help him out. I gave them a call and what can I say. My friend was right. They inspected my house, found ecxctly what was triggering my asthma and simply removed it from my home. It's been 2 months now and I still have not used my inhaler, this is no miracle, just common sense I guess. Thank you Dr, air care, you are truly a super hero.
Samantha – Sherman oaks, (Asthma)

My eight-year-old daughter has been fighting bronchitis on and off for the last year and a half, our family Doctor would just put her on antibiotics and it would go away for about 2 weeks and sure enough come right back. When I did my search online and saw all the reviews People just like me posted about Dr. AIR CARE and how they were coming out to the patients actual living environment to figure out the root of the problem. I thought this was different then what all the other doctors were doing and it really made sense. After all, only your surroundings will affect the way you feel. When I called them they seemed very concerned about helping us which made me feel very comfortable right there and then. When David came out it was clear to me that he knew much more about a healthy & safe living environment than any other doctor I've ever met. my daughter is definitely getting better and I don't feel like this bronchitis cough is ever going to come back again. I highly recommend Dr. Air Care, if you or your kids are sick with ongoing issues like allergies flu and colds, don't rush going to the doctor only to be put on medication, call these guys, they're the real deal.

Jamie- Brentwood, (Ongoing Bronchitis)
My son and wife have been fighting allergies and cold symptoms for about a year now,We've been to 6 diffrent medical professionals who can't really pin point what's causing this, but they were all able to recommend some type of allergy medication that would help us with relief. I guess not feeling like crap all day long is better then nothing. Anyways this is my family and I wasn't gonna just give up becaus nowadays we clearly have more options.I searched the web for more answers, something more natural as I know these meds are going to cause us other problems in the future not to mention the side affects.I came across Dr, air care health solutions inc,They specialize in checking the environment for allergens as well as removing it and maintaining an allergen free environment.I am truly blessed to have found these guys I tell you. My family is back to normal again, my son is no longer missing school, and my wife is no longer missing work. Not to mention they are healthy and very very happy.I can't thank Dr, air care enough, I wish more Doctors would focus on what's causing the problem then how to temporarily forget about it.
Alex- tarzana, (Allergies)